• Paradigm Lost


    Filmed over three years in six countries, Paradigm Lost captures the highest level of water sports action in beautiful 4K. In between the action are heartfelt stories of the characters at the top of their sports.

    Featuring Kai Lenny, Kelly Slater, John John Florence, Jamie O’Brien, Ian Walsh, Al...

  • And Two If By Sea


    This is the story of iconic professional surfers and identical twins CJ and Damien Hobgood. Their sibling rivalry and struggle to each establish their own identity fueled their careers, but ripped their personal and peripheral relationships apart.

    Featuring CJ Hobgood, Damien Hobgood, Daniel Tos...




    A closer look into the life of Paige Alms, one of the best big wave surfers in the world, as she trains mentally and physically for the 2017 Pe'ahi Challenge (Jaws) on Maui, conquering 40-50 foot waves, and inspiring the next generation.

  • Tube Tales Bonus Cut


    Tube Tales Bonus Cut is twice as long as the original Tube Tales Surfing Film. Get ready to get tubed all over the world! Travel to exotic lands including Indonesia, Tahiti, Mexico, Australia, Hawaii, Chile and California.

    Featuring Kelly Slater, Dane Reynolds, Tom Curren, Mick Fanning, Ratboy ...

  • Under an Arctic Sky


    A group of surfers, along with photographer Chris Burkard, journey to Iceland’s north coast in search of perfect waves during the largest storm in 25 years.

    Featuring Chris Burkard, Sam Hammer, Heidar Logi, Elli Thor Magnusson, Ingo Olsen, Timmy Reyes, Justin Quintal, Steve Hawk, Sigurdur Jonsso...

  • Heavy Water


    Heavy Water is a Michael Oblowitz film, produced by Red Bull Media House and All Edge Entertainment, that follows the life and times of Nathan Fletcher, part of the “royal family” of surfing and a key figure in big wave history.

    Featuring Nathan Fletcher, Bruce Irons, Herbie Fletcher, Christian ...

  • Stab in the Dark: All Stars


    Stab in the Dark is surfing’s ultimate double-blind taste test. This year, we invited the six most winning shapers of the event as well as former test pilots Dane Reynolds, Mick Fanning and Jordy Smith to find the world’s best surfboard.

    Featuring Mick Fanning, Dane Reynolds, Jordy Smith

  • Tube Tales


    Check out Tube Tales and feast your eyes on this awesome surfing movie that explodes with sound and sun-soaked tube riding visuals.

    Featuring Tom Curren, Mick Fanning, Dane Reynolds, Taylor Knox, Bobby Martinez, Jaimie Obrien

  • White Rhino


    One photographer's journey to capture the wave of a lifetime. In pursuit, 3 epic swells hit the South Pacific shorelines, providing conditions only madmen could dream of.

    Featuring Bruce Irons, Nathan Fletcher, Mark Healey, Kohl Christensen, Dave Wassel, Kalani Chapman, Kai Borg Garcia, Peter ...

  • Destination Point


    Destination Point is packed with high-voltage surfing from the West Coast plus many, many insane spots from around the globe. Featured surfers include Bobby Martinez, Tom Curren, Kelly Slater, Andy Irons and more.

    Featuring Bobby Martinez, Tom Curren, Kelly Slater, Andy Irons, Nat Young, Ozzie...

  • Step into Liquid


    Zigzagging from the waters off Ireland to Oahu's ripping North Shore, this documentary profiles the diverse and fascinating characters who have devoted their lives to catching the perfect wave.

    Featuring Robert August, Rochelle Ballard, Shawn Barron, Layne Beachley, Jesse Brad Billauer, Bruce ...

  • Monster Energy Big Wave Tow-In Invitational


    Five of the world's most prolific big wave riders charge 30-foot waves at the center of the big wave universe, the North Shore of Oahu, strapped into high-performance tow-in surfboards for Monster Energy's Big Wave Tow-In Invitational.

    Featuring Makua Rothman, Kai Lenny, Shane Dorian, Nathan F...

  • Go Eazy on the Zambezi


    Take It Easy On The Zambezi, featuring Mikey February, Dylan Graves, and Harry Bryant, on what Graves calls the biggest adventure he's ever taken in search of surf, deep into the heart of Sub-Saharan Africa.

    Featuring Harry Bryant, Dylan Graves, Michael February

  • 6 Majestic Surfing


    Starring Bobby Martinez, Dane Sealtooth Reynolds, JJ Florence, Mick Fanning, filmed over a five year period. The best action surfing documentary of the year. Exclusive content including Tom Curren riding a normal shortboard, and Slater...

    Featuring Bobby Martinez, Dane Reynolds, John John Flo...

  • Self Discovery for Social Survival


    A Mexican Summer and Pilgrim Surf + Supply film, Self Discovery for Social Survival is an exploration of sound and pro-surf, conjuring a surreal symbiosis of music, the environment and local culture.

    Featuring Connan Mockasin, Andrew VanWyngarden, Jefre Cantu-Ledesma, Allah Las, Dungen , Peaki...

  • The Westsiders


    According to top surfing critics, the award-winning film, The Westsiders, is one of the of the best surfing documentaries of all time. Since the film's premiere, two of the stars have passed away. Narrated by acting legend Rosanna Arquette.

    Featuring Vince Collier, Darryl Virostko, Jason Coll...

  • Trouble: The Lisa Andersen Story


    Lisa Andersen is one of surfing’s few transcendent stars. 4x world champ and inductee into the Surfer Hall of Fame, she is a true surf icon. But this is not a story about surfing. It’s the story of a woman brave enough to be vulnerable.

    Featuring Lisa Andersen

  • The Electric Acid Surfboard Test: Stephanie Gilmore


    Seven-time World Champ and Stab's 2019 Surfer of the Year, Stephanie Gilmore, stars in The Electric Acid Surfboard Test, a radical exploration of alternative surfboard design. Nine days in Africa shaped by surfing's greatest freethinkers.

    Featuring Stephanie Gilmore

  • Emocean: A Surfer's Connection to the Sea


    This film is a love letter to the ocean from surfers, fishermen, marine scientists and people with a shared passion for the sea and how it makes them feel.

    Featuring Jamie Mitchell, Jeff Clark, John Witzig, Mike Prickett

  • Speed and Mayhem Down Under Uncut and Unrated


    Speed and Mayhem Down Under Uncut and Unrated is s feature documentary for car enthusiasts the world over. With uncut and unrated bonus footage including some of the most beautiful girls and unrated mayhem!

    Featuring Simon Berk, Ethan Wright, Steven Johnson, Carrie Fisher, Samantha Smith

  • Stab in the Dark


    Stab Magazine’s annual search for the world’s best surfboard, starring 3x World Champion, Mick Fanning.

    Featuring Mick Fanning

  • Coldwater Journal: Presented by SURFER


    Coldwater Journal follows surfer and filmmaker Ben Weiland's decade-long obsession with exploring the most frigid, desolate, and starkly beautiful coastlines on the planet in search of perfect waves and high adventure.

    Featuring Alex Gray, Dane Gudauskas, Timmy Reyes, Sam Hammer, Cyrus Sutton,...

  • Generations: The Movie


    Past. Present. Future. All over the world, all in one film. It’s the latest installment in Quiksilver’s long line of surf movies — which started with The Performers in 1984. It’ll make you want to drop everything and go for a surf.

    Featuring Mark Richards, Tom Carroll, Ross Clarke-Jones, Micke...

  • The Electric Acid Surfboard Test


    The Electric Acid Surfboard Test, staring Dane Reynolds, is a celebration of surfing's experimental tradition, and an exploration of some of the most iconic alternative designs, put through their paces by surfing's favorite design headcase.

    Featuring Dane Reynolds