Red Bull Ultimate Rush, Volume 1

Red Bull Ultimate Rush, Volume 1

10 Episodes

The ultimate athletes and the ultimate filmmakers paired with Hollywood story telling: Pulitzer Prize-nominee and Hollywood screenwriter Stephen Schiff (Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, Lolita, True Crime) teams up with the action-sports wizards from M...

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Red Bull Ultimate Rush, Volume 1
  • Scoping the Line

    Episode 1

    In this episode athletes seek extreme landscapes in search of a “Perfect Line.” Skiers scope out steep mountain faces while kayakers see monumental waterfalls, bikers dense forests, and base jumpers an abundant stretch of sky.

  • Epic Pow
    Episode 2

    Epic Pow

    Episode 2

    Professional skiers James Heim, Mark Abma, and Eric “Hoji” Hjorleifson go ski touring in search of big mountain backcountry powder they call “Epic Pow”. With bare necessities the athletes survive in huts of the British Columbia mountains. They ski a va...

  • Eric's Ski Quest

    Episode 3

    Professional freeskiers Eric Hjorleifson, James Heim, and Ingrid Backstrom seek a vast isolated landscape just northwest of Whistler, BC. The Meager Group offers insane possibilities with amazing spine lines. They set up up a base camp near the hot spr...

  • The Red Line

    Episode 4

    Extreme skiing is defined with bigger lines, bigger mountains, and steeper faces. They say, “You fall, you die.” Professional skiers Chris Davenport and Stian Hagen sit down with the pioneer of extreme skiing Sylvain Saudan. The athletes share the trut...

  • Haines
    Episode 5


    Episode 5

    Haines, Alaska for professional skiers is considered The Dream Trip. Big mountain skiers Daron Rahlves and Henrik Windstedt challenge their skills when they decide to run a line together. Ingrid Backstrom, JT Holmes, and Shane McConkey face dangerous w...

  • History of Ski Base

    Episode 6

    JT Holmes and Shane McConkey share the dream of combining skiing and base-jumping. They find themselves in Bella Coola, BC where the primary objective is to go where no one has ever considered by skiing the “closeout line.” They then take on Europe’s m...

  • Kayak the World

    Episode 7

    Steve Fisher leads an all-star team of kayakers as they venture into unfamiliar territory. They first travel to remote Iceland and then to exotic Zambia. The team faces challenging rapids and falls between two of the most dangerous sites on earth.

  • MTB Stunts

    Episode 8

    Three teams of world-class riders demonstrate new extremes of mountain biking. Industrious mountain bikers build obstacles through dense forests of British Columbia. Pro dirt jumps challenge the riders to new heights in New Zealand. Urban Free Riding b...

  • MTB the Middle East

    Episode 9

    Professional mountain bikers take a road trip through the diverse landscapes of Israel. Fabien Barel gets a rush of adrenaline on a steep line through unexpected terrain. Cedric Gracia finds an ultimate road gap on Mount Sodom.

  • Speed Riding

    Episode 10

    Antoine Montant, Francois Bon, and Hervé Cerutti aspire to integrate climbing, flying, and skiing in the sport of Speed Riding. The athletes challenge the mountains of the French Alps near Chamonix. Antoine, named the fastest speed rider, encounters an...