Explorers: Adventures of the Century

Explorers: Adventures of the Century

6 Episodes

Explorers: Adventures of the Century, has enlisted the world’s most accomplished adventurers and explorers to share their stories in a series of stunning and at the same time biographical documentaries. Our film crews follow them across perilous desert…

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Explorers: Adventures of the Century
  • The Huber Brothers At Mt. Asgard

    Episode 1

    The climbing brothers Thomas and Alexander Huber (Germany) attempt to conquer free the infamous “Bavarian Direttissima” (upper tenth degree of difficulty) on the iconic Mt. Asgard on the Arctic Baffin Island (Canada). A 40 days expedition with polar be…

  • Ueli Steck At the North Face Trilogy

    Episode 2

    The infamous north faces of “Eiger”, “Grandes Jorasses” and “Matterhorn” are awesome challenges just for the best climbers. Swiss speed climbing legend Ueli Steck doesn’t let things scorch. He conquers in free solo style this trio of threat in only hou…

  • Steve Redmond At Oceans Seven

    Episode 3

    Stephen Redmond (Ireland) has already achieved to swim six channels and straits in six oceans. But only the seventh channel, the Tsugaru Strait between the Japanese main island and Hokkaido, will make him the first man to swim the iconic Seven Oceans.

  • Steve Fisher At Zambezi Deluge

    Episode 4

    In one amazing journey, kayaking legend Steve Fisher (South Africa) returns to the Zambezi, one of the world’s most treacherous waterways, raging at the highest levels in a decade, to take on a thrilling challenge that most would consider a death wish.

  • Karina Hollekim At Fatima's Hand

    Episode 5

    Karina Hollekim is facing her biggest challenge as a professional B.A.S.E.-jumper: an iconic rock formation in a very remote part of Mali in the African Sub-Sahara turns out to be a fierce wall, sand storms and the lack of supplies in the desert almos…

  • Big Wave Surfers At Pororoca

    Episode 6

    Pororoca means “great destructive noise “ in the indigenous language and is a tidal bore with waves up to four meters high, travelling as much as 13 km inland upstream on the Amazon River. Surfing the Pororoca is especially dangerous, as the water cont…