2 Seasons

Dex Carrington hates tourists, tourism, fanny packs, sun hats and everything else associated with "organized tourism" with an alarming passion. The cunningly charming yet borderline psychotic Dex Carrington accompanied by Italian Co-host FAB travel in an effort to demonstrate how to have the maximum allowable human dosage of fun in any given city.

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  • New York City - Dex And The City

    Episode 1

    In the city where dreams are made and destroyed, Dex and Fab get more than they bargained for in this unusual swim through a metaphorical swimming pool of models, Chinese cheeseburgers and Soho disagreements. Will they escape the pool victorious? Only Central Park will decide...

    Featuring Jørg...

  • Miami - Alligators And Tanning Oil

    Episode 2

    In the city where people come to party till dawn, Dex and Fab come to swim with dolphins all day long. Can multi-tasking nature adventures with cigar smoking bring about extraordinary greatness? Only an alligator can decide…

    Featuring Jørgen Kjønø, Tayo Cittadella

  • Alaska - Beers And Bears

    Episode 3

    In a world of guns, bears and full-body mosquito protective gear, the wilderness is your drunk tour guide. Mountains, rivers and hardcore opinions set the scene for an insanity-fueled adventure ride through where things get blown up and machetes are essential. Did you bring yours?

    Featuring Jø...

  • Los Angeles - How To Fake It In America

    Episode 4

    The city of angels is setting for Dex and Fab's pursuit of the American dream as porn, celebrities and pool parties are the ingredients in this epic 22 minute saga. Whether its rollerblading at Venice or getting weird in Beverly Hills, its happening the Dexpedition way...

    Featuring Jørgen Kjøn...

  • El Paso - Fabulous Dexas

    Episode 5

    Everything is bigger in Texas, but things get triple XL in El Paso because of Joey Sanchez. Just across the border from the most violent city on earth, a journey of stage shows, white sands and emotions reveals itself. Does Joey Sanchez really exist? Only clicking play can solve the mystery...


  • Las Vegas - Dex + Vegas = Disaster

    Episode 6

    In most people Las Vegas will bring out a free party spirit, in the case of Dex he will go insane with temptation. After losing all the money allocated to the show gambling, Dex must fight for his right to party as Johan gets entangled in a Johandition he was not expecting...

    Featuring Jørgen ...

  • Idaho - Peace, Harmony And 50 Cals

    Episode 7

    In the most wonderful little part of the world, a man named Rick Reed rules supreme. When Dex and Fab battle it out in a serious horse shoe throwing contest after shooting 50 cal rifles and working chainsaws, things get real. Will Johan take on more than he can handle? A horse situation will show...

  • Hawaii - Shaka For Days

    Episode 8

    The one place on earth where everything is perfect sets the scene for this tropical fun factory showdown of fruit, waterfalls and a full-blown shaka vibe. When keg stands are outshined by surf emotions in a cliff diving setting, the only way to ride is go way local. Will Fab get into a fight? Pro...

  • Season 2: Best Of - The Best Of The Best, US

    Episode 9

    The best of the best! After a season of greatness, this episode will wrap it all up in an explosion of intensity by featuring all the best moments from season 2 of Dexpedition! Enjoy!

    Featuring Jørgen Kjønø, Tayo Cittadella