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Oslo - Untraditional traditions


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    Dex and Fab enter a tropical world where all women are topless and gorgeous. Rose wine has somehow replaced water as a means of curing dehydration. Ibiza takes on the form of an onion where all layers are pealed in the form of boats, scuba diving, massages and exclusive night clubs where only 1% ...

  • Milan - Fab's Family Affair

    While raging through the streets of Milan in Ferrari’s is fun, Dex's genuine hostility towards commercial tourism becomes all too evident. While Dex has a mental breakdown, Fab has the time of his life being a sexy Italian guy. The two end up in Fab's home town of Lago Di Como where Dex is placed...

  • Amsterdam - Love And Other Drugs

    Riding an ice cream boat through the canals of Amsterdam accompanied by an essential street altrication sets the scene for the glorious city of Amsterdam. Delightful conversations with prostitutes accompanied by an exploration of the Amsterdam coffee shop phenomenon, lead up to a gripping series...